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India is the land of wonders. In this ancient country, rich in heritage, religion and culture you’ll find harmony and diversity together.

From snowy mountains to the turquoise Oceans surrounding it, lush forests to serene desert, Crowded temples to Portuguese churches and famous mosques, colonial architecture to breathtaking backwaters, spicy dishes to chartbuster Bollywood songs, Royal palaces to modern cityscape… it seems like Mother earth has decorated India, herself, with all the treasures she had.India has a very unique taste of ancient origin like none other, mixed in its air. Tradition and progression are lovers here, going side by side. A major player in Medieval and modern history, it has a plethora of historical sites which are as magnificent as it’s religious or natural spots are!

India has been the number one choice of western tourists for a long time, and it’s aesthetic ambience with historical grandeur made it the best possible place for a destination wedding.


Speak of Rajasthan and you can’t help but mention the pink city herself. Jaipur is a splendid mixture of medieval forts, temples with modern cityscape, luxury hotels and resorts alike. Royal architectures blush here with their stunning color matching perfectly with the city’s nickname. With all it’s heritage, folk culture and grandeur this capital city of Rajasthan is one worthy part of the golden triangle – the globally famous three most visited tourist spots in India.

hawa mahal, palace, architecture-6156123.jpg

Hawa Mehal

The most famous of all probably, due to its unique eye-catching look and the frequent appearance in newspapers and TV commercials as the icon of Jaipur. Hawa Mahal, the elegant pink palace with honeycombed facade, was made to resemble the crown of God Krishna. Built back in 1799, the building with approx 953 windows (that would be really hard to count), is the best place to enjoy cold breezes escaping the burning desert heat.

City Palace

This three century old architectural marvel lies in the heart of the old city and continues to be the abode of the present royal family of Jaipur. Not just another edifice made of sandstone, it’s rather a magnificent example of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture and sculpture styles as well, this building complex is literally stunning, sprawling over a huge area enclosing the royal garden courtyards, and overlooking the city of Jaipur.

Janter Manter

The area with 20 somewhat weird looking structures scattered around, none of which looks like anything familiar is not anything abstract or remotely religious. Infact, this 300 year old UNESCO World Heritage Site is a proud showcase of the scientific progression in medieval India. Built by Rajput King Jai Singh II, this astronomical observatory has some of the finest tools on display like the “Samrat Yantra”, the sundial with stunning accuracy.

Amber Fort

Another UNESCO World Heritage site. Amber fort is situated on a hilltop, 20 mins away from the city of Jaipur. This famous fort has an enthralling history and so many local stories attached with it, dating back to the Rajput kings. It has rainbow colored marble assortments, well maintained palace gardens in all the four wings and underground tunnels built as hideout for royals; simply a lot to visit and to gain the unforgettable memories.

Rambagh Palace

Originally built as a garden house in 1935, it was converted into a royal hunting lodge in 1987 by Maharaja Thakur Sawai Madho Singh. The house was actually surrounded by a large, thick forest until the early 20th century, when the renowned British architect engineer Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob designed to extend it into an Indo-saracenic palace, a pretty commonly found style used in Rajasthani royal architectures. Since the time of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II this has been the residence of the royal family. 


This second largest city in the state, historically and culturally reminiscent of the Rajput glory, can be a fabulous vacation destination and perfect wedding event venue as well,for you. Built by Rajput ruler Rao Jodha in 1459, this regal City took its name after the founder himself. Divided in an old city and new city just like Jaipur, this city smells of aristocracy and traditional Rajasthani grandeur in full swing. Along with its marvelous forts and magically ornate palaces, Jodhpur is also widely known as the “City of Sun”, for being the city where the Sun rises first in India, everyday. If this is not the apt place to host your grand celebration, then what else could be?

Now, here are your venues in Jodhpur to choose from:

Umaid Bhawan Palace

This palace has great historical importance as it was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1929 to fight a famine all over the state. This elegant edifice designed by the famous British architect HV Lanchester, took nearly 16 years to complete. Made of lime and sandstone from Chittar hills, this palace is also known as “Chittar palace” aptly. Like every other Rajasthani forts and palaces, this is no exception in being a true architectural wonder.


Nonetheless, the major attractions here are the palaces , magnificently located in the lakes only to add more to their grace. The most famous is the Lake palace, the largest in this city, standing right in the middle of Pichola lake. Similarly, there is the Solar observatory, the only island based Indian observatory, in Lake Fateh Sagar originally built in the shape of Big Bear Lake of California. Another one is Sajjangarh (the monsoon palace), a beautiful showcase of regal Rajasthani and European architecture. The lake Jaisamand has been recorded to be the second largest man made sweet water lake in the entire asia.

Udaipur can be the perfect summer destination for holidays and weddings as well.

Udaipur Palace

No city in Rajasthan is just an ordinary collection of buildings, behind every house, in every alley there’s some story and Udaipur follows that rule. The city, mostly known as “the Venice of the East” was built around several lakes, with the serene greatness of Aravalli mountains posing as its crown. Mostly built by Maharana Udai Singh II, Udaipur was founded back in 1553, as the new capital of Mewar kingdom.

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